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Laura Faeth's Online Press Kit

Author of I Found All the Parts: Healing the Soul through Rock 'n' Roll

Spiritual Awakenings. Callings. Profound intuitive insights. It's time to "Wake the Bleep Up!"

Are you part of America's consciousness shift? Are you experiencing mind-bending, mystical, puzzling, goosebump-raising synchroncities that can't be explained away as coincidence? Are you in the midst of your own spiritual awakening where your calling is revealed?

In January 2002, Laura's soul shook her awake with a vision of her life's mission: She would write a book that had an uplifting message for the masses, and the message would revolve around the hidden impact rock music has on our psyches.

Her book, I Found All the Parts: Healing the Soul through Rock 'n' Roll, chronicles the path towards self-actualization by following clues from a well-known classic rock band that she became enamored with at the age of 15. This unique spiritual perspective of why fans are attracted to their favorite musicians is slated to be published early spring, 2008 by Wyatt-MacKenzie publishing.

Benefits/highlights of book:

*Written in memoir-like, easy to understand, colloquial language.

*Explores numerous intriguing universal spiritual themes and their connection to rock music.

*Illustrates how synchronicites and coincidences lead us down our spiritual path.

*Includes personal experiences at rock concerts to illustrate and teach spiritual principles and explore the boundaries of human consciousness.

*High internet interface: Key words/concepts are highlighted throughout book and readers are encouraged to go to her website www.soundofyoursoul.com for an online glossary with definitions and links, deleted excerpts from book, and many other resources.

*Introduces useful tools/subjects for greater self-understanding including:
Sacred Geometry
Sound healing
Reincarnation/Between-life states of consciousness

Laura became an expert on many of these subjects during her journey, and is available for comment on everything from the healing power of sound to the importance of understanding our past lives.

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