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In 1990, Laura Faeth worked part time at a health club where she taught nutrition and weight-loss. Several co-workers turned her on to woo-woo icon Shirley MacLaine, and her interest in spirituality took off like a bat out of hell. For over 15 years, Laura’s dipped all of her toes, fingers and especially her head into the vast pool of metaphysics and alternative therapies. Everything from acupuncture to Reiki, to using vowel sounds as mantras has been tested or studied by this modern day holistic junkie. Though a die-hard spiritual seeker, she’s not your typical airy-fairy New Ager.

Laura did Manhattan as a Radio Market Research Analyst for a division of Katz Communications, at one time the leading media rep firm in the world and later was the first Market Research Director for KKXL/KZDG radio in Denver. She learned the art of paste-up while assisting the Director of Creative Services in the Professional Books division at McGraw-Hill, and helped the sales staff make oodles of money at New Hope Communications, publisher of Natural Foods Merchandiser and Delicious Living magazines in Boulder, Colorado. She’s also been a media buyer, television sales assistant, and direct mail sales rep so when it comes to understanding the target demographic for her book, or how to position her magnum opus to booksellers, this lady puts a new spin on the phrase “spin doctor.”

Long before she even knew what the word “media rep firm” meant, Laura loved music and played piano, French horn, acoustic and electric guitar. Though she was abysmally untalented in all things musical, listening to the radio didn’t require much skill, and Rock n’ Roll swept Laura off her feet along with millions of other teenagers in the 1970’s. A well known rock band kept her rockin’ as a fan for 25 years, and in 2002 at the age of 38, a mystical experience rocked Laura to her foundations.

For a split second, she knew the future, and her life’s mission was revealed: Laura would write a book that had an uplifting message for the masses, and the message would revolve around the hidden impact rock music has on our psyches. This was a real life episode of "Back to the Future" meets "Almost Famous" and proved to Laura that time is simply an illusion. Nearly six years later, the book exists in this dimension, and is entitled I Found All the Parts: Healing the Soul through Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Looking back on her life’s path, she now understands how her soul has always guided her to the people and places necessary to ultimately write her magnum opus. College offered an opportunity to shine, and she graduated Summa Cum Laude from The State University of New York at Oswego with a B.A. degree in Communications and Broadcasting, and was elected to the Who’s Who among Students in American Universities & Colleges. Her favorite classes included public speaking, philosophy, and psychology.

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